Several vacuum sealed beef patties in a stack
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Why Every Home Cook Should Own A Vacuum Sealer
With rising inflation, the last thing we want is food going to waste, which is why the sheer preserving power of a vacuum sealer is so useful. This appliance is more affordable than you think and definitely not just for pro chefs, having its place in personal kitchens for decades, and a sealer has even more uses than preserving food.
A vacuum sealer allows you to cook food “sous vide,” which involves submerging vacuum-sealed foods in a gentle, temperature-controlled water bath for the most perfectly cooked, delicious meals possible. Vacuum sealers also greatly extend the longevity of notoriously perishable fresh vegetables, fruits, cheeses, and meats.
Vacuum sealing not only keeps out air and reduces bacterial growth for all kinds of foods, but marinating meats with a vacuum sealer can cut the marination time from 24 hours to about 30 minutes, says Jess Pryles of Hardcore Carnivore seasonings. You can even get attachments for your sealer that can reseal jars and bottles of wine.