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Why Every Home Cook Needs A Chef's Press
A Chef’s Press is an iron weight that cooks can use to press down on ingredients to create maximum contact with a hot surface. Whether you want perfectly seared steak or the crispiest and most well-pressed paninis, the Chef’s Press can help you turn an average recipe into something that a pro chef might make.
Sold in 8-, 13-, and 18-ounce sizes, the stainless steel handles of a Chef’s Press can be stacked and customized for both heavier meats or delicate pieces of fish. The metal tool has cut-out slots built into its surface so steam can escape while your food cooks, and you won't risk serving guests any soggy or limp food.
When searing any type of food, the goal is to expose as much surface area as possible to the hot pan and keep that contact for a properly browned exterior. You can get creative with your own cooking weights, but a Chef’s Press provides the most consistent and effective assistance for pressing down foods properly.