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Why Every Baker Should Have A Frangipane Recipe In Their Back Pocket
You may not be as familiar with frangipane as you are with jam, dulce de leche, and other sweet spreads used in delicious desserts, but this almond-based paste deserves a spot in your baker's repertoire. Frangipane is a nutty paste that is a key ingredient in famous desserts like Bakewell tarts, Pithivier, and more.
The French frangipane might sound similar to Italian marzipan, but marzipan is far more sugary and thick, while frangipane is nuttier and more versatile with a looser texture. To make it, all you need is ten minutes to cream together some butter, sugar, almond flour, eggs, and vanilla or almond extract, by hand or using an electric mixer.
Frangipane is commonly used as a filling in almond croissants, and is delicious paired with fruits, such as in a galette. Martha Stewart's site recommends pairing frangipane with stone fruits like apricots, peaches, cherries, and plums, and you can also infuse it with liqueur or replace the almonds with pistachios, hazelnuts, or pecans.