A cast-iron skillet being prepared to be seasoned, with a cup of grapeseed oil and a towel on a cutting board board
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Why Eric Adjepong Uses Salt To Deep Clean Cast Iron
Cast iron cookware is a serious kitchen asset, known for its durability, affordability, and ability to perform well with both the oven and the stovetop. However, there is some debate around the best methods for cleaning and caring for cast iron, and chef Eric Adjepong personally reaches for kosher salt rather than soap and water.
Adjepong explains that kosher salt is a great medium for buffing away stubborn food particles in cast iron, and the larger chunks of salt make it more abrasive, and therefore more effective at breaking down food and scraping it off the surface. He begins by filling the pan with a copious amount of salt while the pan is slightly warm.
Next, Adjepong takes a clean kitchen towel and works the salt into the metal around to break down the mess, then dumps the salt out. Finally, he wipes the pan out with a second clean towel before applying a layer of oil to finish, but if the mess on your pan is stubborn, he says you can wipe it again with a damp towel and a little soap.