Christmas stollen with marzipan, sliced.
Why Duff Goldman Prefers Replacing Fondant With Marzipan For Cake Decorating
Fondant is a cake decorating powerhouse, but can be tricky to work with given its sensitivity to the climate. Too much moisture makes it sticky, and it will crack if it's too dry.
Chef Duff Goldman acknowledges the versatility of fondant, but doesn't care for its taste or texture. For easier and tastier cake decorations, he recommends marzipan.
Goldman isn't likely to completely ditch fondant any time soon, but he told Insider that marzipan “can be used to shape decorations and it tastes much better than fondant."
Marzipan is a paste made of sugar and almonds that has a firm, shapeable, sculpture-friendly consistency similar to fondant. It's also much easier to buy or make than fondant is.
Marzipan is sweet like fondant, but the almond base gives it more depth of flavor. You can also color it using a potent food coloring paste, which won't make the marzipan sticky.