Chef Dominique Crenn at Atelier Crenn which she opened in 2011 in San Francisco, Calif., on Wednesday, June 13, 2018. (Photo By Carlos Avila Gonzalez/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)
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Why Dominique Crenn Doesn't Order Roasted Chicken From Restaurants
While some people's mouths might water when they see roast chicken on a restaurant menu, the same can’t be said of Michelin-starred chef Dominique Crenn. She is known for innovative and unique French cuisine, so her standards for a classic bistro-style roast chicken are pretty high — so high that she usually won't order one.
Crenn won't order roast chicken from a restaurant because she knows how difficult it is to make, and restaurants may not allow it enough time or monitoring. She explains, "I don't just put a chicken in my roaster pan and leave to walk the dog. It's a process — you have to watch it, you have to love it and it's all about the timing of the flavor."
Crenn isn’t wrong — creating the perfect roast chicken isn't easy and typically takes more than one day, from the first prep step to taking it out of the oven. A restaurant isn't likely to deliver a spectacular chicken in the mere 20 minutes or so that you spend waiting for your meal, but a homemade one is definitely worth the effort.