Why Does Mexican Coke Taste Different Than American Coke?
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You’ve likely heard someone rave about the superiority of Mexican Coca-Cola. Though some believe Mexican Coca-Cola is better because it tastes fresher or has more carbonation than Coke from the United States, that isn't actually what makes the two different.
Mexican Coke fans who go out of their way to find those glass bottles are not imagining things, because if you pay attention to your soda or do a side-by-side taste test, there is an actual difference in the flavor. Mexican Coke has one ingredient that sets it apart from U.S. Coca-Cola, and it just might be enough to make you switch.
It all comes down to how the two sodas are sweetened, as American Coke uses high-fructose corn syrup, while Mexican Coca-Cola uses cane sugar. The next time you have the opportunity to try them together, test it out for yourself with the help of a friend and see which version of Coca-Cola you prefer.