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Why Does Expensive Pasta Taste So Much Better?
When you want to please a crowd, pasta is a great option, but when you really want to impress your guests, is it worth splurging extra dollars on a fancier brand? Experts across the board agree that when you shell out more money for that pricier pasta, you will definitely taste the difference.
First off, even before you buy pasta, you should be able to see that the premium brands don't look the same as the lower-priced ones. An overly bright, artificial-looking yellow is a sign of industrial, mass-produced pasta, while a super pale color could indicate the use of a so-so flour.
Besides the type of flour used, another factor that makes expensive pasta taste better is the drying process. Good pasta is gently dried for more than an entire day, which helps the flavor and nutritional properties of the flour stay intact, and superior pasta will also have a rougher texture and more matte appearance than smooth and glossy industrial pasta.