Matt Lucas in a pink sweater playing the drums
Why Did Matt Lucas Depart From Great British Bake Off?
When the 14th season of "The Great British Bake Off" premiered in September 2023, viewers surely noticed that co-host Matt Lucas was absent. He was replaced by Alison Hammond.
Lucas appeared on three seasons (51 episodes' worth) before making his exit, citing an overly busy schedule that didn't leave enough time to do the show anymore.
However, scheduling conflicts might not have been his only motivation. During his final season, fans slammed Lucas online for his loud volume and out-of-nowhere sense of humor.
In a "Bake Off" subreddit thread, some viewers claimed not to mind him, while others found him "grating" and "a bit much," referencing various forced comedic bits.
In February 2023, Lucas cleared things up on the "Deeney Talks" podcast, revealing that he had never even seen "Bake Off" before joining the show.
Looking forward, Lucas is focused on recording music and working on "Fantasy Football League," another British television series. He's set to appear in the 2023 flick, "Wonka."