David Chang smiling in front of a green background
Why David Chang Is Strictly Opposed To Burgers On The Grill
Grilling burgers is a classic American pastime, but chef David Chang says it's not the best thing to do if you want burgers that are actually tasty.
On his podcast, “The Dave Chang Show,” the chef said that “A backyard burger is an experience that you try to convince yourself [is] better than it actually is.”
Chang thinks the only upside of grilled burgers is a dose of nostalgia. They're better when cooked in a frying pan, which also saves you a lot of hassle in setting up your grill.
Chang says it's easier to cook burgers to perfection using a pan. You can control the cooking temperature more, and you get some great browning on the meat without drying it out.
If you think you'd miss the smoky flavors of the grill, Chang points out that you'd have to grill a burger for a long time to add any real smokiness, which is rather tedious.
Of course, Chang doesn't think that all meats should stay off the grill. He recommends grilling chicken thighs, lamb, and all kinds of pork cuts for a truly tasty end result.