Grilled sliced barbecue pork ribs on wooden background, top view
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Why Country-Style Pork Ribs Aren’t Actually Ribs
By Talin Vartanian
In barbecues across America, “country-style” ribs have become a welcomed dish for their strong meaty flavor and fats that melt in your mouth like butter. They’re also easier to cook, as they can either be braised whole or seared after sliced into chunks, but the thing is, country-style pork ribs are a bit of fraud, as they are not actually the pig’s ribs.
Country-style ribs are frequently boneless and do not originate from the rib cage of a pig; rather, they are cut from an area of the pig that lies between the shoulder and the loin, giving the meat contrasting color tones. Such ribs occasionally contain a bone, which may be the scapula or the shoulder blade itself.
According to Butcher Box, the only reason these ribs are even considered to be ribs is because they have a comparable flavor and feel to other varieties of ribs. So, the next time you see a package of country-style pork ribs, keep in mind that they are actually pork chops rather than ribs, but don't let that deter you since they taste just like "real ribs" after all.