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Why Cola And Bourbon Are A Match Made In Cocktail Heaven
For a whiskey to be considered a bourbon, it must be distilled in the USA, made with mostly corn, aged in a new charred oak barrel, and not have any flavors added to it. A good bourbon can be appreciated straight up or on the rocks, but if you want to mix things up, pick an addition that brings out the drink's natural flavors, like cola.
Cola and bourbon goes back at least as far as 1907, the year of the first recorded reference to the combo, then known as a Coca-Cola High Ball. Coca-Cola’s spicy nutmeg and cinnamon notes harmonize well with bourbon's vanilla, oak, and caramel flavors, and many choose Coke over Pepsi or other colas to pair with bourbon.
The best bourbon to pair with cola is one that's strong and smooth but not too fancy, since Coke can overpower delicate tasting notes; Jack Daniels and Bulleit Bourbon are great brand choices. Be sure to include ice and serve in a highball or Collins cocktail glass, and consider experimenting with flavored colas like cherry vanilla Coke.