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Why Christina Tosi Prefers To Bake Cakes On A Sheet Pan
Christina Tosi, renowned pastry chef and CEO of the popular bakery chain Milk Bar, recently shared her expertise on creating masterful desserts on the "Today" show. While the chef shared many tips during her appearance, one thing that the viewers found fascinating was her use of a sheet pan to bake a layer cake.
Tosi forgoes a traditional 6-inch or 8-inch-deep round cake pan and instead pours her batter onto a sheet pan, bakes it, and uses a cake ring to cut out round layers for stacking. She explains to Buzzfeed that "Often, the round cake pans come out overbaked on the outside and underbaked in the middle."
Tosi says that sheet pans are the ultimate way to help your cake to bake consistently. While you can usually cut two whole, round layers out of your sheet cake, if you need three, Tosi admits that she "cobbles" together her third layer using two halves, making sure that none of the cake goes to waste.