A closeup of meatballs.
Why Canned Meatballs Are One Of The Best Pantry Items To Always Have
Home cooks who are balancing the demands of a busy schedule while maintaining the integrity of homemade meals need to start stocking their pantries with canned meatballs.
These ready-to-use gems offer a convenient solution to streamlining the cooking process without compromising flavor or quality.
What sets these canned wonders apart is their minimal use of preservatives, ensuring a more natural and wholesome option compared to other convenience foods.
Use them in recipes where the flavor profile matches the characteristics of meatballs in tomato sauce. Toss them into a ragu or layer them between lasagna sheets with ricotta.
For a protein-packed and flavorful boost, you can also incorporate them into chili or stew, which almost always calls for tomato paste, canned tomatoes, or both.
If you want a quick appetizer, all you need to do is warm up your canned meatballs and serve them with toothpicks alongside some garlic bread.