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Why Canned Beans Reign Superior Over Their Dried Counterparts
From kidney and chickpea to pinto and cannellini, there's a canned bean for every meal, and for the average cook, canned varieties are often better than their dried counterparts.
Dried beans are time-consuming, and sometimes need a whole night to soak, in addition to a lengthy cooking process. Some beans are even potentially toxic if not cooked properly.
On the other hand, canned beans don’t require soaking or cooking beforehand, making them far superior in terms of prep time. Some say their flavor is inferior, but not by much.
It’s true that dried beans are cheaper than canned beans, but what you save in money you’ll spend in prep time. Some cooks simply want convenience over saving a few pennies.
Moreover, canned beans have a long shelf life, and pack the same vital nutrients as dried beans, including their high protein content.
Additionally, canned chickpeas are packed in a liquid called aquafaba, which can be used as a versatile ingredient in vegan baking and more. You won't want to miss out.