butter being spread on toast
Why Butter Always Tastes Better At A Restaurant Than At Home
A lot of foods taste better at a restaurant, including the creamy, delicious butter that comes with a basket of free bread. This fact may seem inexplicable, but it's no accident.
Restaurants often serve guests the freshest butter they can. The butter in your own fridge may not be expired or unfit to eat, but it is likely weeks old, a far cry from the fresh stuff.
Hello Fresh head chef Claudia Sidoti also says that chefs usually store butter at room temperature. Coldness dulls flavors, not to mention it makes butter hard instead of creamy.
When covered, butter can be left out of the fridge for 10 days. Restaurants that don't go through a ton of fresh butter still manage to serve it at room temp by using packets.
Individual packets of butter remain unopened, and therefore fresh, until guests use them. Restaurants know that even these humble packets of butter taste better at room temp.