Burger King Drive-in Outdoor Billboard
Why Burger King Is Actually Called Hungry Jack's In Australia
In 1971, businessman Jack Cowin wanted to open what he thought would be Australia's first Burger King. The name was already taken, so he chose to call it Hungry Jack's instead.
When the local restaurant's trademark expired, American Burger King bought it and opened several franchises across Australia, despite Hungry Jack's already being established.
After a 2001 lawsuit, Hungry Jack's was allowed to maintain its Australian operations. Today, there are over 440 locations with a logo, menu, and uniforms similar to Burger King.
Hungry Jack's and American Whoppers have the same ingredients, and you'll find the fries, onion rings, chicken sandwiches, and chicken nuggets that you can order at Burger King.
There are some items at Hungry Jack's that you won't find at a Burger King, like a Whickey River Grilled Chicken sandwich, and Jack's Cafe serves coffee beverages.