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Why Bobby Flay Doesn't Put Cheddar On His Burgers
Bobby Flay is no stranger to burgers; After all, he founded the restaurant chain Bobby's Burger Palace and published a cookbook with the title "Bobby Flay's Burgers, Fries & Shakes,” so you can be sure he knows his way around a grill. So isn’t he a fan of the ever-popular cheddar?
Flay says the reason he's not a fan of cheddar on burgers is because of the sweat it produces as it heats up and its consistency after it melts. For Flay, the cheese needs to be fully melted for a top-tier burger. So what kind of cheese does the celebrity chef recommend for burgers?
"American, fontina, Monterey jack — something like that melts really nicely," Flay told the Food Network. "When it gets right down to it, I want American cheese on my burger, because it melts well and it reminds me of my childhood." He also always adds two slices of cheese to his burgers.