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Why 'Bitter' Beer Is So Common In Britain
For drinkers from across the pond, it can be intimidating to order beer in a British pub. The average establishment may not offer many styles of beer that are common in the U.S., and brews that are available can have misleading names, such as “bitters,” which really aren't all that bitter at all.
Bitters have been described as "ales out of their time," but it seems like their time has come again. Bitters have been the top choice among British beer drinkers since they reentered the spotlight around 2014, thanks to the rise of the craft beer movement and the embrace of similar hoppy brews.
The best bitters are often served as cask ales, and have a mildly sweet, malty flavor with a residual bitterness that acts as a pleasing accent. For those looking to try out a bitter ale for themselves, Goose Island Honkers Ale is a close cousin to British-style ales and is available in the U.S.