Toast with avocado slices and garnishes
Why Avocado Slicers Are Never Worth The Price Tag
From herb scissors to veggie spiralizers, special kitchen gadgets can be a tempting solution for dull or difficult tasks, but with avocado slicers, you're better off saving money.
Outfitted with several blades to slice the flesh of an avocado into equally-sized pieces, avocado slicers may seem handy, but they’re not the time-saver they appear to be.
The issue is that prepping an avocado is a two-step process: slicing the flesh and scooping it out. The avocado slicer only takes care of the (very easy) first step.
The same results can be achieved with tools you already have — a spoon and knife. You’ll get the same results in about the same amount of time without spending more money.