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Why Are Huckleberries So Special To Idaho?
Unless you’ve been to the Northern Coastal or Rocky Mountain regions of the U.S., it’s unlikely that you’ve tried huckleberries before. With their high amount of antioxidants and versatile flavor, you absolutely should try these fruits if given the chance, especially if they're grown in this American state.
While huckleberries grow in other places, it’s the volcanic soil in Northern Idaho that produces the most sweet and flavorful berries. Idahoans are naturally proud of their special crop, and have not only elected huckleberries as their state fruit, but put them in everything from savory dishes to skincare products.
Huckleberry season, which is at its peak from late July to early October, draws in foragers from all over the country. Some people pick these tasty fruits for their personal enjoyment, but others may be looking to make a profit — a gallon of huckleberries can sell for $90, and a single huckleberry pie can cost $60.