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Why Are Diver Scallops So Expensive?
Scallops are a popular shellfish prized for their soft, tender texture and mild but sweet and savory flavor. When scallops are caught, they are categorized as either “day-boat scallops” or “diver scallops,” and diver scallops are more expensive than other kinds due to their unique and involved harvesting process.
Day-boat scallops are harvested by dredging the seafloor, while diver scallops are hand-harvested by divers. Harvesting and handling the scallops with great care and without much machinery is very labor-intensive, but results in exquisitely tasteful meat with a lower impact on the environment.
After harvesting, scallops can be stored “dry” or “wet.” Dry scallops are shucked and then stored in a dry container, which preserves flavor at the cost of a shorter shelf life, while wet scallops are stored in water, which makes them last but can dilute flavors; as you'd imagine, prized diver scallops are often stored dry.