Forest chanterelle mushrooms, raw uncooked in ceramic bowl, with yellow autumn leaves over grey linen table cloth as background. Flat lay, space. (Photo by: Natasha Breen/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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Why Are Chanterelle Mushrooms So Expensive?
While their distinctive orange color makes them visually appealing, chefs around the world value chanterelle mushrooms for their rich flavor and tender texture. However, chanterelles are incredibly expensive, with a 200-pound lot going for $4,000 in 2021.
The main reason for chanterelles’ $224-per-pound price is that they’re infamously difficult to cultivate. They mostly grow in the wild, meaning they must be foraged, and they require a period of heavy rainfall in a coniferous forest, followed by several days of continuous heat and high humidity.
While the taste of chanterelles can be mimicked, there is nothing quite like their uniquely buttery apricot-like aroma and fruity, mildly peppery flavor. One of the foragers that found the 200-pound lot, Jordan Anderson, recommends simply sautéing them with chardonnay, butter, honey, and garlic.