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Why Apple Cider And Bourbon Make A Perfect Cocktail Pair
Research shows that drinking bourbon physically warms the body, which is perhaps why our taste buds begin to crave this spirit once cold weather rolls in. The naturally smoky, spicy flavor notes of bourbon pair well with autumnal flavors like cinnamon, maple, and (of course) apple, which is why you should try apple cider in your cocktails.
Hot toddy is a classic warm bourbon and apple cider drink. Chef Molly Pisula’s Apple Cider Hot Toddy is infused with light brown sugar and fresh ginger, and Natalka Burian's Butternut Squash Hot Apple Cider uses butternut squash, cloves, anise, cardamom, dried orange, and cinnamon for a more savory spin.
No matter which cocktail you decide to dress up with apple cider, consider adding a sprig of fresh rosemary and a lemon wheel to garnish for a bright, citrusy, herbal pop. As for which bourbon to pair with apple cider, a budget-friendly option is $15 Evan Williams Honey Bourbon, with notes of honey, allspice, and smoky vanilla.