Anthony Bourdain smiling
Why Anthony Bourdain Was A Huge Fan Of Acai Bowls
Anthony Bourdain loved hot dogs and global fare, but he also appreciated the health benefits of a homemade acai bowl. The fruit served him well while he learned Brazilian jiujitsu.
Packed with nutrients and antioxidants, acai berries are a powerful superfood and an ingredient that Bourdain and his Brazilian martial arts instructors would eat after training.
In his cookbook "Appetites," Bourdain explained, "It is an article of faith among Brazilian practitioners of martial arts that acai is the answer to — and cure for — all things."
Bourdain described acai as the "miracle jungle fruit of the Amazon" that can serve as a remedy for everything ranging from "ineptness at rear naked choke holds to cancer."
Bourdain added that the fruit is also delicious, and cold bowls of aesthetically adorned fruit after athletic exercises can feel like well-earned rewards for hard physical work.
For a homemade acai bowl, Bourdain recommended blending bananas, blueberries, and raspberries or strawberries with acai juice, frozen acai fruit, and cacao nibs for a sweet finish.