Anthony Bourdain
Why Anthony Bourdain Didn't Prefer Brioche Buns For Hamburgers
A brioche bun would seem perfect for your burger, but according to the late-great celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, this is not the case.
Quoted from InsideHook, Bourdain thinks a bun "is designed to absorb grease, not add greasiness to the experience. A proper hamburger bun should retain its structural integrity."
Bourdain believed a hamburger bun should serve "as delivery vehicle for the meat patty until the last bite. The brioche bun, woefully unsuitable for this role, crumbles."
Bourdain was not against brioche as a bread, just that the buns aren't all that great at sopping up the juices and grease of the burger.
Bourdain believed the perfect burger should be a cohesive experience, and the squishy potato bun reigns supreme as the best choice.