Anthony Bourdain visits the Build Series to discuss "Raw Craft" in New York City.
Why Anthony Bourdain Advised Against Restaurant Hollandaise Sauce
Chef Anthony Bourdain was always willing to try daring foods, but restaurant hollandaise sauce wasn't one of them. He explained why in his famous book "Kitchen Confidential."
"Bacteria love hollandaise," Bourdain wrote. "And hollandaise [...] must be held at room temperature not too hot nor too cold, lest it break when spooned over your poached eggs."
Hollandaise, made of egg yolks and clarified butter, is hard to perfect, not to mention the perishable sauce can easily become a hotbed for bacteria.
According to the FDA, any dish containing eggs should be served immediately after cooking, or refrigerated and reheated to an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.
Bourdain says that these health standards are not realistic or common industry practices. "Nobody I know has ever made hollandaise to order," he wrote.
Bourdain wasn't against hollandaise itself, which is a delicious and popular sauce in French cuisine, but at a restaurant, he says it's "a veritable petri dish of biohazards."