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Why Andrew Zimmern Calls Bangkok One Of His Favorite Food Cities
Thailand is known for its hot, tropical climate, delicious mangoes, and hospitable people, while the country’s capital, Bangkok is known as a bustling, eclectic city. The country's renown also extends to its food, with many popular regional dishes, thus it's no surprise that American chef, restauranteur, and food critic Andrew Zimmern called Bangkok one of his favorite food cities.
In his newsletter Spilled Milk, Zimmern wrote that he loves Southern Asia and that Bangkok is one of his favorite food cities. Describing the Bangkok food scene, he wrote, “Sour, salty, bitter, sweet, and SPICY all combine into something that thrills me in terms of what winds up on the plate on any given day.” Indeed, Thai food displays a wide variety and explosive combination of flavors.
Zimmern went on to write, “I never tire of the people, the food, the history, and what surprises lie down every alley or jungle road,” and with everything from upscale restaurants to humble, but equally impressive street stalls, the city is full of good food. Some must-try dishes include savory pad thai fried noodles, slow-cooked pork or khao kha moo, and any variety of curries.