Alton Brown performs at Whitney Hall in Louisville, Kentucky
Why Alton Brown Has Never Cooked His One-Pot Roast Chicken On TV
Alton Brown's roast chicken isn't particularly nice to look at. On his website, Brown notes that it is delicious but not television-worthy because of the skin texture.
He writes, "I don't care a hoot about crispy skin. Sure, I want it flavorful, and golden brown is always nice, but what I'm after is great meat. Freak? I think not."
To make it, Brown soaks the chicken in water and salt for 12 hours so it can absorb all of the seasoning. It's then cooked in a prewarmed Dutch oven and eventually basted.
Brown reserves the juices and serves them alongside the chicken for drizzling and dipping. For best results, fully dry the chicken after you brine it to prevent it from drying out.