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Why Alton Brown Garnishes Martinis With Caper Berries
Martinis can be found on almost every cocktail menu, but simply changing the garnishes and infusions used can put small or big twists on his classic drink. Alton Brown, chef, an author, TV host, uses a garnish for his martinis that is a bit unexpected: caper berries, the larger, more mature version of common salty capers.
In Brown’s YouTube show “Quarantine Quitchen,” the chef says that “Caper berries have really become [my] martini garnish of choice. Olives are too olive-y and lemon is a little too citrusy.” Esquire concurs with Brown's recommendation, and also suggests swapping out the olive brine in the martini with something else.
Esquire says that swapping in caper brine for olive brain makes for a “less bright” sip, but a “more complex flavor” to the classic martini. If you’re willing to make the swap and add caper berries to your next martini, they may come with a price increase compared to a basic jar of olives, but it's well worth it.