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Why Alton Brown Bakes Some Foods On An Upside Down Sheet Pan
Many celebrity chefs have proven that you can use sheet pans for more than baking cookies and pies. Ina Garten uses sheet pans to cook meatloaf and Ree Drummond uses them for pizza, but Alton Brown likes to cook some foods on sheet pans by flipping the pan upside down first.
In a "Quarantine Quitchen" episode, Brown bakes a tomato tart on the "bottom" side of a sheet pan, because it's easier to transfer the tart onto the raised underside of the pan, rather than dragging the delicate dough across the edges on top side of the pan. Brown also uses this trick to bake Lavash flatbread.
Cookbook author Julia Usher also recommends flipping a sheet pan upside-down to bake cookies evenly. Usher explains that when you bake cookies on the "right" side of the pan, "The metal sides act as a heat conductor, and those cookies placed close to the edge can overbake because they bake faster".