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Why Adults Should Be Careful Not To Eat Too Much Black Licorice
Black licorice is a candy that’s great for Halloween, with a spooky dark color and pliable texture that can be made into edible decorations like licorice spiders and witches’ hats. However, real black licorice is not a candy to binge as a treat; in fact, frequent consumption of this licorice can cause heart problems in adults.
The FDA reports that if adults aged 40 and older eat at least 2 ounces of black licorice in a two-week period, their heart may start beating irregularly. Black licorice poses such a hazard because it contains a compound called Glycyrrhizin, which brings down the body’s potassium levels, causing an irregular heart rate.
If you're a big black licorice fan, don’t despair; this health warning only applies to candy made with genuine licorice root. Most licorices sold at grocery stores, such as Twizzlers, are not made with real licorice, and are instead flavored with anise oil, so just make sure to check the ingredients list on your candy before digging in.