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Why A Splash Of Vinegar Will Change Your Soup Forever
Vinegar is a must-have ingredient for salad dressings and homemade pickles, but this super-versatile staple should also be used in hot dishes, including soups. Even if your soup recipe doesn't call for a splash of vinegar, this condiment can be used to elevate a ho-hum bowl into perfection, without adding distracting flavors.
Cookbook author James Peterson has revealed that vinegar can help unite all the competing flavors in your soup, saying, "When you're tasting and it appears that the flavors in a recipe are refusing to focus, a little vinegar will often do the trick." The Kitchn adds that vinegar does a great job of pumping up those flavors, too.
The Kitchn suggests using "half a teaspoon or more" of vinegar to brighten a flat-tasting broth, while chef David Lebovitz adds just one teaspoon. Picking the right vinegar also ensures that you won't overwhelm your soup; apple cider vinegar works great in most recipes, but a beef- or lamb-based soup can stand up to red wine vinegar.