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Why A Higher Price May Be Worth It When Buying Canned Fish
Canned tuna or salmon are items of cheap convenience, meant to be mixed with mayonnaise or maybe spooned into a salad straight from the can. Run-off-the-mill canned fish certainly is affordable, healthy, and filling, but for some recipes, paying a higher price for higher-quality canned fish is worth it.
More expensive tinned fish is usually packed in high-quality brines or olive oil, and is processed for less time. This means premium brands are fresher and retain more of their flavor, with a much less dry texture, making them the best choice for recipes where you aren't mixing the fish with tons of mayo or other ingredients.
You can even find seafood imported from countries like Spain or Italy, where they can the fish by hand for the best quality. Also, cheaper brands of tuna or crab are often less sustainable, but more expensive cans may be marked with the Marine Stewardship Council's seal of approval, indicating environmental friendliness.