Pittsburgh, USA     November 28, 2017
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Who Creates All The Hand-Painted Signs At Trader Joe's?
Each Trader Joe's store has a unique and colorful aesthetic for their product displays and the overall store atmosphere, and TJ's hand-made signs and murals have received a lot of appreciation from customers, including on social media like TikTok. It turns out that the company doesn't hire an art studio to hand-paint its signs.
Each store's art-making responsibilities are actually delegated to multiple team members who take up the creative task. Assigned projects rotate frequently, and the artists are given creative freedom when designing signs, product descriptions, and displays, as long as the finished pieces can be easily read by customers.
Some sign artists use their Trader Joe's job to rekindle a lost passion or kick-start creative enterprises of their own. According to Glassdoor, artists get paid at an average rate of $24 per hour, and though many TJ's artists are glad to be there, they emphasize that the role is still work, and some days are harder than others.