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White Wine Vinegar Vs. Red Wine Vinegar: What’s The Difference?
Sour developed as a taste to warn us about potentially spoiled food, but today sour flavors are perceived more as a way to liven up an otherwise dull recipe. One of the easiest ways to add a lively flavor to meals is through vinegar, like white wine and red wine vinegar, but it’s important to know the difference between the two.
White wine vinegar is made with white wine that is distilled in stainless steel, creating acetic acid, which is then diluted with water. White wine vinegar is excellent for vinaigrettes, marinades, and as a flavoring for broths, but it can also be used as a cleaner, as a topical medicine for warts, infections, and burns, or to help control blood sugar and make you feel full.
As the name implies, red wine vinegar is made from distilled red wine. While the major difference between the two kinds of vinegar is mainly the color, red wine vinegar has a fruitier and more robust flavor, while white wine vinegar is lighter in flavor. That said the two can be used pretty much interchangeably in recipes and for all your cleaning needs.