White bowl of mashed potatoes with a spoon
White Wine Is Vital To Expensive Tasting Instant Mashed Potatoes
To turn instant mashed potatoes into a fancy at-home dish, use white wine to make a wine sauce that will add an acidic counterpoint to the starchy richness of instant potatoes.
Prepare the instant potatoes as directed. Make a wine sauce in a saucepan by simmering a half cup of white wine into roughly two tablespoons. You can also add garlic and onions.
Add butter and let it melt to create a glaze that coats the back of a spoon. Stir it directly into your potatoes, or stir in herbs like parsley before adding it to the mash.
Adjust your seasoning by adding salt and pepper as desired. You can include a squeeze of lemon juice for a final touch of brightness before serving.