A plate of Alfredo pasta
White Wine Is All You Need To Give Jarred Alfredo Sauce A Flavor Upgrade
Jarred pasta sauce often doesn't taste as good as its homemade equivalent. You can make premade Alfredo sauce much better with white wine, for a bright and complex flavor.
Adding a ½ cup of wine for every 16 oz of Alfredo sauce will make a huge difference. When heated up, the alcohol also helps unlock and enhance the flavors of your pasta.
Tasting Table tested and recommended Newman's Own and Giovanni Rana as the best jarred Alfredo sauce brands, with a rich and creamy texture that won't disappoint.
Choose dry, acidic white wines like Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc. Boxed wine, being affordable and lasting a long time due to its airtight packaging, is ideal for your Alfredo.