Two glasses of whiskey next to a whiskey decanter
Whiskey Vs. Wine Decanters: What's The Difference?
Both wine and whiskey can be decanted, but the intention behind decanting, the history, and the designs of the vessels are different for each drink.
While a whiskey decanter is essentially a reusable container designed for holding whiskey, a wine decanter is a vessel designed to improve the quality of wine.
Whiskey decanters date back to the Renaissance, when merchants sold whiskey from barrels, meaning customers needed decanters to transport the whiskey back home.
In the 1700s, whiskey decanters evolved from a practical item to a luxury used by wealthy households to show off and store whiskey in beautiful glass or crystal containers.
On the other hand, wine decanters have been used since the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations and are practical in that they improve the wine's flavor.
Modern decanters evolved in the 1700s with a design meant to expose the wine to oxygen and separate any sediment in wine for a smoother, tastier drinking experience.
A whiskey decanter has an air-tight stopper and is meant only as a storage vessel since it doesn't alter the flavor or texture of the spirit. Wine cannot be stored in a decanter.