Two glasses of whiskey on black countertop
Whiskey And Chocolate Is The Indulgent Pairing You Should Try
Chocolate may not be your go-to food to pair with whiskey, but the two share similar flavor profiles and tasting notes, complementing and improving on each other.
Alternating sips of whiskey with bites of chocolate can highlight some of the subtle flavors found in both treats, like vanilla, caramel, and cinnamon.
To pair the two, take note of the flavor profiles of your whiskey, from sweet profiles like vanilla to deeper notes of pepper, peat, or smoke. Choose a chocolate to match.
Ideally, your chocolate should match the intensity of your whiskey, such as lighter whiskies with milky, buttery chocolates and stronger whiskies with richer dark chocolate.
Try peat whiskey with peppermint chocolate, mature whiskey with floral chocolate, crisp whiskey with salt or caramel chocolate, or sherry-aged whiskey with dried-fruit chocolate.
To find your perfect pairing, consider a tasting with several drams of whiskey and an assortment of chocolates, along with palate cleansers like coffee, sorbet, or sparkling water.
If you can’t get enough whiskey and chocolate, consider mixing the two together in a chocolate Old Fashioned, whiskey and chocolate truffles, or a whiskey lava cake.