A glass of whipped lemonade with a mint and lemon garnish
Whipped Lemonade Is The Deluxe And Fluffy Upgrade You Need To Try
Whipped lemonade typically features ice, whipped cream, sweetened condensed milk, and fresh lemonade blended until smooth.
Serve the whipped lemonade in a flute glass and garnish with mint leaves, slices or zest of lemon or lime, shavings of white chocolate, or desiccated coconut over each glass.
The recipe can be upgraded with frozen lemonade, vanilla ice cream, or almond milk for smoother, richer flavors and can be further boosted with layers of extra whipped cream.
You can also use coconut milk and sweeteners like simple syrup or honey. For a boozier version, add some gin and serve it in coupe glasses for a mature lemonade drink.