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Which US State Produces The Most Eggs?
Each region of the United States has its own stellar agricultural products; California's Napa Valley produces excellent wine, Idaho is known for potatoes, and citrus fruits have a big association with Florida. Eggs, meanwhile, are quite ubiquitous and don't vary much in quality, but one state still has the monopoly on egg production.
Iowa is home to over 58 million hens, and one hen can produce 276 eggs per year, making Iowa the champion of egg production. Ohio comes in second, with 36 million hens on its land, and even though Texas is known as the biggest state — and everything is supposedly bigger there — it comes in fifth, with just over 20 million hens.
Though Iowa's number one agricultural item is corn, and eggs are only the state's fifth most bountiful agricultural product, Iowa farms still produced an eye-popping 15 billion eggs from December 2020 through November 2021. The next time you go to grab an egg out of a carton from the supermarket, remember to thank Iowa.