A pile of fresh sweet corn ears on an English market stall.
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Which US State Produces The Most Corn?
The world is powered by corn, whether it is consumed fresh off the cob, used to make cornbread and cereal, or used to power vehicles. Of the countries that grow corn, the U.S. is at the top of the list, while also being the largest consumer of corn.
Besides being the location of the most well-known corn field thanks to the film "Field of Dreams," Iowa is also the country's top corn producer, followed by Illinois, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Indiana. In Iowa, farms produce approximately 2.58 billion bushels of corn.
Field corn accounts for almost 99% of the corn farmed in Iowa and is used to produce corn cereal, cornstarch, corn oil, and corn syrup for human use. However, most of the field corn crop is used to feed livestock, for ethanol production and for manufactured goods.