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Which US State Produces The Most Blueberries?
One of the few crops native to North America, the blueberry is full of antioxidants that can help reduce the risks of heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and the bluish-purple fruit became a household staple in the early 20th century. Nowadays, when you buy blueberries at the store, they probably came from this one area.
You might be surprised to learn that blueberries come from one area. The U.S. grows 95% of the world's blueberry crop, with states such as Georgia, Michigan and New Jersey contributing to that figure; however, a majority of the blueberries you find in markets come from Washington, and this is due to several factors.
Washington's acidic soil and warm climate help blueberries thrive, and the crops produce 160 million pounds of fruit from the 18,000 acres of plants throughout the state. Regardless of where they come from, look for plump, firm berries with an even purple color, and wash them only once you're ready to eat to prevent them from degrading.