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Which Country Produces The Most Hard Cider?
In the United States, any cider with alcohol is called “hard cider” to differentiate it from nonalcoholic cider, but in other countries, cider is a strictly alcoholic beverage. No matter how it's labeled, alcoholic cider is exceedingly popular, and while Ireland and the UK consume the most hard cider, a different country is the biggest producer.
France produces more hard cider than any other country, and output is particularly high in northern regions around Normandy and Brittany. This area's apple cider production dates back to the sixth century, and the process involves a combination of ages-old techniques and modern production regulations to create high-quality cider.
The signature sweetness of French cider comes strictly from the fermented apples, with no extra sugar added. French ciders commonly range between 3% and 4.5% alcohol content, and most cideries stick to a single apple variety per batch, a technique also practiced in the UK and Australia, two other major cider producers.