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Which Country Produces The Most Coconuts?
From curries and cookies to a cooling workout beverage — coconuts constitute a dazzling variety of culinary applications. Not only is it used for culinary endeavors, but at least 83 practical uses are recorded from the plant, ranging from musical instruments, and eating utensils, to toothbrushes.
Coconuts thrive in warm coastal environments, specifically in Asian countries. Indonesia grows the most coconuts globally, producing an astounding 16.82 million metric tons in 2020, while the Philippines and India trail not too far behind, with the three countries accounting for over 70% of global production.
With the expanding trend of vegan products, the demand for coconut is rapidly increasing in the U.S., and the market is expected to reach $23.39 billion from 2020 to 2027, a 10.5% increase. Not only is coconut oil a frequent addition to the pantry, but the fruit's varied use in health and self-care productions is becoming increasingly recognized.