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Which Country Produces The Most Celery?
Celery is frequently forgotten when discussing people's top favorite vegetables, despite the fact that it is used in broths, chicken noodle soup, and as a vehicle for peanut butter or ranch. Although it isn't everyone's favorite vegetable, it is widely consumed, therefore which country is supplying it to the rest of the world?
In 2019, the U.S. grew 100,482,000 Kg ($126,081.36K) of celery and was the top exporter in the world, followed by Spain and Mexico, according to World Integrated Trade Solution. Celery likes a particular climate, and since it originated off the Mediterranean sea, it makes sense that it thrives best off the coast of California.
The LA Times reports that California grows upward of 28,000 acres of celery, making up 80% of the total annual production in the U.S. The vegetable is mainly grown off the Golden State's coast but is also harvested in Mexico, Arizona, Michigan, and Florida — but not on the massive scale as California does.