Cheese plate served with red wine, olives, grapes, jam and bread snacks on dark wooden background. Top view.
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Where To Find The World's First Cheese Conveyor Belt Restaurant
From classic grilled cheeses to charcuterie boards, cheese is popular around the world, and one enterprising restaurant has even invented the world's first cheese conveyor belt.
At the Seven Dials Market in London's West End, you’ll find the world’s first cheese conveyor belt in a restaurant aptly named Pick & Cheese.
The conveyor belt loops through the restaurant, offering diners a selection of British cheeses accompanied by pairings like pear and cider brandy jam or lemon rosemary shortbread.
The restaurant also features off-belt dishes like delectable grilled cheese sandwiches with onion, honey, and walnut, and an assortment of baked cheeses and desserts.
To make things even better, Pick & Cheese features bottomless Wednesdays, meaning for £25, or about $30, you have an hour and 15 minutes to try as many cheeses as you’d like.
According to founder Mathew Carver, "The novelty of it entices people, and it gets them to try the cheeses and then actually take an interest in them.”