Canned tuna fish in a bowl. Top view.
Where To Find The Best Canned & Pouched Tuna Selection
Canned or pouched tuna is a mainstay on many grocery lists because it is affordable, has a durable shelf life, and provides a flavorful boost of protein.
To find the best canned or pouched tuna selection, head to Target, where aisles brim with different brands. A favorite for many tuna lovers is Starkist Tuna Creations.
Starkist’s 2.6-ounce packages carry 16 grams of protein and pack a bold variety of flavors, from Thai Chili to Bacon Ranch to Hot Buffalo.
Target also carries its own Good & Gather brand of delicious chunk light tuna. The fish are caught through ethical dolphin-safe fishing practices, without nets.
Those who don’t live near a Target can look to sites like Fishwife and Conservas Ortiz for a wider tuna selection, including luxury products like Spanish tuna in olive oil.