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Where The Vodka Belt Is Actually Located
Vodka was invented in Russia in 1894, and has since been a longtime staple of the country’s culture, therefore, it’s unsurprising that Russia is at the epicenter of the Vodka Belt. However, the belt also includes other countries scattered across Northern, Central, and Eastern Europe.
The Vodka Belt starts in Poland, extends through Scandinavia — except Denmark — and continues through the rest of Northeastern Europe — namely Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Depending on who you ask, though, the belt also includes Ukraine and Belarus.
The reason why vodka is so popular in these geographic areas is because the regional climate is too cold to grow grapes. Today, the Belt is home to many popular vodka brands — like the Swedish Absolut, the Latvian Stoli, and the Swedish Spirytus Rektyfikowany.